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Governing Body and Faculty & Consultancy

Name of the Constituents of Managing Committee

1 President & Patron Dr. Ranatosh Saha
2 Vice president Shri. Manoj Kumar Lahiri
3 Secretary Prof. Prangobindo Chattopadhyay
4 Secretary (Administration ) Prof. Biswanath Bhowmic
5 Advisor a) Dr. Shanti Bhusan Saha
b) Advocate Sri Ananda Gupta
c) Shri. Dipankar Gupta
6 Academic Associate a) Prof. Sangeeta Banerjee
b) Prof. Subrata Biswas
c) Shri. Debasis Dev
d) Sr. Anil kumar Barbi
7 Student counsellor (Administration ) a) Shri. Pranab Kumar Mishra
b) Ms. Suprava Gangopadhaya

Name of the Consultant

  1. Dr. Ranatosh Saha
  2. Prof. Prangobindo Chattopadhyay
  3. Prof. Biswanath Bhowmic
  4. Prof. Sangeeta Banerjee
  5. Prof. Subrata Biswas
Timing : Tuesday to Thursday from 15.00-18.00 hours with prior appointment over telephone.
Field of Consultancy : Preparation of Birth Chart and Kundali and Prediction on health, wealth, education, career and business opportunities, marriage and married life, litigation, divorce, accident and timing of major and minor events, remedy.

Name of the Faculty Member

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Member Qualification Years of Experience in Astrology
1 Dr. Ranatosh Saha BSC Degree in Homeopathy, legendary Astrologer sole Patronage R.S. System in Astrology 50 Years
2 Prof.Prangobindo Chattopadhyay LLB, Jyotish Kritya Twatta Bid, Jotish Monobid 25 years
3 Prof. Biswanath Bhowmic BCom, Jyotish Kritya Twatta Bid , Jotish Monobid 25 years
4 Prof. Sangeeta Banerjee MA, Jyotish Kritya Twatta Bid 15 years
5 Prof. Subrata Biswas BSc, Jyotish Kritya Twatta Bid 10 years
6 Shri. Debasis Dev B.E(Civil Engineering ), MBA, Jyotish Kritya Twatta Bid 5 years