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Incorporated under W.B. Act XXVI/61

Bengal Astrological Association (B.A.A) has been founded for the propagation and promotion of Astrology and allied Sciences. Its main aim is to create a Research Centre where modern scientific system of Astrology can be developed and the knowledge of the same can be imparted through practical training to the deserving students. The aims and objectives of the organisation have also been spelt out in the Memorandum of the Association and the same is self-explanatory.

Calcutta Astrological Research Centre

The organization is one of the pioneer organizations in the arena of Astrology and is spreading fast all over India and abroad. It is a prime co-ordinator of such other organizations in India and abroad.

Calcutta Astrological Research Centre

B.A.A is looking forward to the Astrological fraternity in order to serve the need of the people and to guide them for a better tomorrow.

Calcutta Astrological Research Centre

It wants to share the knowledge and experience thus acquired by publishing research oriented books, journals, bulletins and by organizing seminars and conferences all over the world.

Our Activities

Our Events

It is the best place to enjoy the most awesome images. See our Calcutta Astrological Research Centre committee function photos.

Jyotirvidya University

A cherished desire of the B.A.A is to promote and accredit the "Jyotirvidya University" and has pressed its demand to recognize the subject and consequently to affiliate the Jyotirvidya University and to import studies of Astrology and allied sciences in the leading Universities in India for years past. C.

B.A.A in order to attain its laudable and noble claim is constantly endeavoring to bring scholars, historians and intellectuals together in order to have a perfect blend of the traditional scholarship and modern theories It believes that such an effort facilitate work and study and foster cultural unity in the field of Astrology and Allied Sciences.